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Take a Master Class with Ron Silliman from the Comfort of Your Own Home

By Harriet Staff

This just in: You can finally take a class with Ron Silliman! The NewPages blog reports that "The Chicago School of Poetics offers online and F2F workshops for writers who 'feel the need for more specialized instruction' beyond the traditional academic program." More:

Currently offered is a master class workshop with poet Ron Silliman: “'What does not change / is the will to change' : Embracing transformation in writing poetry". The one-day (Oct. 20) workshop will run for three hours (1-4pm) in an online, video-conferenced classroom and is limited to ten students.

In addition to this master class and weekly salons, online classes offered include Poetics (I, II, & III), Documentary Poetics, Risk: Writing at the Edge, Erasure to Automatism, The Poetry of Cubism, Queer Poetics, Working Poets, Personal Archeology, Publishing, The Poem as Remix, Visual Poetry, and Hybrid Texts.

According to the Chicago School of Poetics site, "you can attend from your own home, from anywhere in the country." There are seven seats left, so register now...

Originally Published: August 13th, 2012