Poetry News

The Week We Got Curious

By Harriet Staff

If you don’t ask, you may never know. Sometimes you’ll never know even if you do ask. Sometimes it hurts to ask. But this week, we found ourselves in an interrogative mood and did not keep our questions to ourselves.

What do you really think of my work? This is a risky one, because some of the best critics are not very nice. It’s a thankless but necessary trade, according to Dwight Garner.

Since it looks like I won’t be making a profit from my work right away, what can I do for beer and cat food? There’s no shame in keeping your day job.

In the meantime, with so many water-damaged books in the world, what I can I do to help? Ron Silliman suggests you help rebuild his library. It’s not as if the man has never done anything for us.

How can I tell if a poet is lying? It’s not easy.

What’s up with all of these “mystery poems?” They are currently under investigation.

I am a female poet. Do you have any reading recommendations? You must read this. You will be glad you did.

Thanks! Anything other suggestions? You may enjoy this as well.

Okay! I’m over that harsh criticism from earlier and I’m ready to start submitting my work again! Is there anyone currently soliciting? Our pals at Flying Object are game to reward your initiative with a new initiative-rewarding initiative.

I want an audience. I don’t drink coffee. Where can I stage a public reading? Coffee shops are so 1950-2011. Hair salons are the new thing.

Am I entirely unfashionable if I miss sending and receiving the occasional postcard? You are not entirely unfashionable.

Originally Published: August 17th, 2012