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Read Bukowski's Open Letter to Everyone He Ever Corresponded With

By Harriet Staff

First he tells us about the worst hangover, ever. Now, check out this post at Letters of Note featuring some "choice" words from Mr. Bukowski.

The post begins:

When, in September of 1965, it was suggested to Charles Bukowski that a collection of his letters would be an attractive proposition for publishers and the reading public, the legendary poet quickly set about recovering as much material as he could by way of the following form letter — written in his own inimitable style and sent to everyone with whom he had previously corresponded.

Unfortunately, and despite a healthy response to his plea, that particular collection didn't materialise. Thankfully, many since have.

They have the letter. Go read it. And then be thankful Bukowski was never on Twitter!

Originally Published: September 12th, 2012