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Ben Pease's Video Poems: Chateau Wichman Parts I-III

By Harriet Staff

If you liked the "Overture" of poet Ben Pease's "Chateau Wichman: Blockbuster in Verse," an experimental video poem, you'll be excited to learn that he has posted the next three installments, featured at HTML Giant. Here's a description from his first post:

Chateau Wichman is a book-length poem focused on a would be-hero as ambitious as he is aimless. Luckily, a mysterious group known as the Sage Editors uses everything from Rilke to The Terminator to turn The Wichman into a mythological celebrity. The Wichman doesn’t mind the transition until he begins to notice how little of himself others see in him. Epic visions, rushed romance, harebrained escapes, and the most sublime chicken cordon bleu recipe—all within one epic saga: Chateau Wichman: Blockbuster in Verse.

Check it out!

Originally Published: October 2nd, 2012
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