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Let's Raise All Kinds of $$$$ to Help the Beloved Diane di Prima

By Harriet Staff

You might recall Amber Tamblyn's drive earlier this year to help fund costs associated with the health of the beloved Diane di Prima--the unfortunate news is that the need has not ceased. But the fortunate news is that the effort has begun again anew. David Hadbawnik has created a donation page with more information on a BIG NIGHT at the Just Buffalo Literary Center that will act as a joint tribute to and fundraiser for Diane. You can RSVP via their Facebook event page here. More info on all from Hadbawnik:

I studied poetics with Diane di Prima in San Francisco from 1998-2004. During that time, I learned a great deal about writing, but I learned so much more about what it means to be fully committed to poetry and engaged in life, politically and in every other way. Those of us who know Diane know that she's been ill for quite some time -- when I visited her last winter, it was clear that she was having trouble with a range of issues, from her vision to her teeth to her lungs; her partner, Sheppard, was experiencing kidney failure. He has since had a kidney transplant, and Diane's condition has worsened. This fundraising effort is much needed, and comes at a critical time to help Diane address these ongoing medical issues.

Amber Tamblyn generously created a fundraiser on Give Forward for Diane last spring, which managed to raise approximately $23,000 towards its goal of $40,000 before it expired on July 16th. I am now continuing that effort, in conjunction with a fundraising event I am helping to produce in Buffalo, NY, in partnership with the organization Just Buffalo. The event features

Dale Smith

special appearances (via Skype) by Kevin Killian and Dodie Bellamy

a Poets Theater production of Diane di Prima's play

Murder Cake

Saturday, 8pm Oct. 27, 2012

at Western New York Book Arts Collective

468 Washington St.

Buffalo 14203

(716) 348-1430


Originally Published: October 19th, 2012
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