For those of you in Chicago who want to write some experimental poetry and turn said writing into a book, you finally have the chance to do so! Check out this class offered at Spudnik Press, the first in a series classes to be offered in their new space, The Annex.

About the class:

This studio class emphasizes an approach to writing that is inseparable from making things with our hands. Students will investigate the intersection of language-based and image-based collage, working experimentally and at times collaboratively, to create a series of visual and textual work. We will also incorporate basic screenprinting techniques and various transfer methods for text and image. Throughout the class, students will learn about DIY publishing, small independent presses, and the history of authors working as printmakers, bookmakers, and publishers to enable the distribution of their work. The class will culminate in the publishing of individual broadsides and a class publication.

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Originally Published: October 2nd, 2012