Michiko Kakutani reviews Calvin Trillin's Dogfight: The 2012 Presidential Campaign in Verse over at the New York Times. And yes, she does so in verse!! Here's a small taste of the rhyming review:

There’s lots to laugh about in these pages.
The absurdities will echo for ages.
But sad for a country with real problems and fears
That fell by the wayside in this campaign of jeers.
A race without poetry and played way down in the gutter,
With a slew of candidates who failed to set hearts aflutter.

This book lacks a certain je ne sais quoi
Some Trillin rhymes are unnecessarily blah.
Maybe the poet’s tired of pols and their game
And so fallen back on lines that are lame.
Still, a weary Trillin is better than none,
So this isn’t a book the reader should shun.

Like many a satirist, this bard is better at mean.
He’s looking for opportunities to vent lots of spleen.
So birthers and wing nuts get lots of ink,
Tea-Party-ers Trillin thinks are making a stink.
The Republican primaries are a pageant of clowns.
One nutty story after another, making the rounds.

There's more from where that came from!

Originally Published: November 21st, 2012