From IndyStar:

There's just something poetic about a historic place.

It's where history was made and lives have been changed. A place that inspires some -- and fascinates others.

That can especially be true for poets, such as Pike Township resident Joyce Brinkman. She came up with the idea of sending 20 Hoosier poets to 20 different historical places. They would write a poem about the place and then read it aloud to others in a historic setting.

The historic places are those already familiar to Central Indiana residents -- such as the Plainfield Diner, Hinkle Fieldhouse and Bush Stadium. T.C. Steele's Boyhood Home in Waveland, Frankfort Roundhouse and Lerner Theater in Elkhart also are on the list.

"These structures are so full of history," said Brinkman, program director for Brick Street Poetry.

The nonprofit is partnering with Indiana Landmarks to present Landmark Lyrics, a free poetry event at 7 p.m. Nov. 15 at the Indiana Landmarks Center, 1201 Central Ave. Indiana Landmarks is a nonprofit that rescues, rehabilitates and gives purpose to historic structures.

The event is for anyone who likes poetry. And even those who don't.

"As they hear about the lives of the people who have been involved, I think they're going to learn. They're going to be moved," Brinkman said. "I think they will have a great appreciation for poetry if they haven't had an appreciation for poetry before."

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Originally Published: November 14th, 2012