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Native American Poetry Featured in Western NY Parks

By Harriet Staff

From Star Gazette:

The work of contemporary Native American poets is now featured on Poetry Posts in 12 Elmira locations.

ARTiculation, a group of three Elmira poets who administer the Poetry Posts project, chose several of the poems from “I Was Indian,” an anthology compiled by Susan Deer Cloud.

Poet Brigit Truax’s poem “Song” will be posted in Eldridge Park.

Other poems, poets and locations are “On Ancient Land,” Monty Campbell, Brand Park; “An Incomplete List of People I Wish Were Indian,” Sherman Alexie, Brick Pond; “The Star” (a children’s poem), Jane Taylor, Cypress Street Park; “The Heart’s Friend; A Shoshone Love Song,” Grove Park; “I Heard a Bird Sing,” Oliver Herford, Jim Nelson Park; and “The Moon’s the North Wind’s Cookie,” Vachel Lindsey, Katy Leary Park.

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Originally Published: November 16th, 2012