We here at Harriet HQ like to think of ourselves as givers. This week, along with the usual news and views, we kicked down generous archives of outside reading material, some creative opportunities, and a meatless beef substitute. We gave and gave.

If you made $100 on the Ohio spread, created a Tumblr full of Nate Silver memes, and still haven’t had your fill of politics for the week, we have poems to ease the crash.

Want to write a few haiku but can’t drag your mind out of the gutter, keep your eyes and hands on your work, and focus? Problem solved.

Had a serious injury and need three weeks of bed rest? Spend the whole time reading essays about Marjorie Perloff. You’re welcome.

Tired of all the beef and the drama on the poetry circuit? This Bad Blood is perfect for vegetarians.

In or around Chicago tomorrow and don’t like hot dogs? Here’s something to do.

In or around San Francisco? We’ve got you covered as well.

Want some effete, decadent hijinks with your uprising? Help yourself to an awesome essay from Brandon Brown on translation, revolt, and many other things.

Love poetry but can’t read? Meet video poet Bianca Stone.

Can’t decide which you like more, poetry or caricatures? We know you so well.

Originally Published: November 9th, 2012