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Patricia Lockwood Gets a Post Script Best of at The New Yorker

By Harriet Staff

Over at The New Yorker, a few late additions have been made to their Best Books of 2012 list.

Sasha Frere-Jones had this to say about Patricia Lockwood's Balloon Pop Outlaw Black:

Patricia Lockwood is one of the few people who makes Twitter seem like it needed inventing, rather than being a new digital signal to abide. As @TriciaLockwood, she sends out odes to horny animals and historical horniness, often as a “SEXT.” As a poet, Lockwood is equally perverse but not as committed to laffs. Her first collection, “Balloon Pop Outlaw Black,” manages to be both languid and kind of thrilling. The voice behind “Yo JK Rowling STOP writing books about wizard school & START writing books about wizard JAIL which think about it would be even MORE intense” can also drive poems about books becoming mangos and dictionary salesmen whose stomachs eat themselves. Lockwood’s world is full of potholes and long rhythms, but it’s most satisfying when the ideas are big enough to make the punch lines irrelevant.

Full article here.

Originally Published: December 21st, 2012