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Flying Object & Factory Hollow Press, Together 'At Last'

By Harriet Staff

flying object

Western Massachusetts poetry mainstay Flying Object has announced a joiner that's been true for two years now, but it's an announcement, after all:

This is an announcement that Factory Hollow Press is now the publishing imprint of Flying Object.

In fact, it’s true, that this has been the case for two years now.

You might have noticed some crossover between the two organizations if you have been following either–a crossover that was never just a coincidence, or a simple fondness, but rather because a large part of what Flying Object does is to publish work as both limited edition chapbooks and full-length titles under the imprint Factory Hollow Press. Technically having merged with Flying Object when it was designated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2011, you’ll be noticing a more public union moving forward.

The press will remain the same in its editorial process, publishing work it finds engaging, entertaining, moving, great, hilarious, unique, and strange. The only difference will be that Flying Object will manage the press, and consider the success of the press a major, if not the major, part of its organizational mission. That, and the websites will merge, which you may have seen happening already. Look to your left and there is now a Factory Hollow Press section to this website. Our two newest full-lengths (MOODS by Rachel Glaser and Sign You Were Mistaken by Seth Landman) are available for pre-order exclusively on the Flying Object website. And all of the titles FHP has published that are still in print will be available here as we slowly shutdown the old FHP website. There will also be the opportunity to support the press through subscriptions to FHP and/or memberships to Flying Object, both of which should be available in the upcoming months.

Check out Factory Hollow's books. And have you seen this interview with Flying Object founder Guy Pettit?

Originally Published: January 22nd, 2013