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Michael Robbins's Drone Poem for President Obama

By Harriet Staff


As poets craft their own poems at this inaugural moment, we'd like to steer you over to Michael Robbins's Tumblr. Apparently, his poem was so on target that it missed the mark for some unnamed news organization. Here's what Robbins says:

So a certain news organization has informed me they cannot publish the inaugural poem for Obama they commissioned from me, because it contains the word “queef.” I could drone (ha!) on about the obscenity of a society in which any moron can purchase an assault rifle but a tiny vulgar word is considered too dangerous, but instead, I’m just going to post the poem here. I hope you like it.

N.B.: American drone strikes, which are almost certainly illegal under international law, have killed at least 203 children in Yemen & Pakistan. President Obama has ordered six times as many drone strikes as President Bush did.

We'll leave it up to you to head over to Robbins's Tumblr for the full poem.

Originally Published: January 21st, 2013