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Don't Forget About Wave's 3 Days of Poetry

By Harriet Staff

It starts tonight in Seattle here. And here are all the deets you need:

Friday, 7pm - 9pm, Poets on Film

(Popcorn provided, BYOB)

Short videos and pop culture clips collected together from private and public archives and including dozens of contemporary poets from Seattle and around the country, along with a special showing of episodes from Public Access Poetry, the New York Poetry Project's 1977 television show, starring John Godfrey, Joanne Kyger, Bernadette Mayer, Eileen Myles, Susie Timmons, Lewis Warsh and Hannah Wiener.

Saturday, 1pm - 4pm

Videos and out-takes by Richard O. Moore from his 1967 public television series USA: Poetry, featuring John Ashbery, Denise Levertov, Frank O'Hara, Philip Whalen, John Wieners, Robert Duncan, and more.

7pm - 9pm, 16 mm Films

16mm films by Stan Brakhage, Abraham Ravett, and Jud Yalkut, featuring poets such as John Cage and Larry Eigner.

Sunday, 11am - 2pm

The gallery will be set up as a studio for visitors to star in their own short film. Sign-up for the 15 minute time slots will happen on Friday and Saturday events. Visitors may read their own poem or a poem of their choosing. A collection from the day’s videos will be shown as a preview of the evening feature.

7pm, The Time We Killed, Jennifer Reeves

The Time We Killed is Reeves' debut feature exploring the inner life of a writer unable to leave her New York apartment on the brink of the US invasion of Iraq. Robyn (played by the poet Lisa Jarnot) confronts her growing agoraphobia in this beautifully shot and emotionally compelling portrait of contemporary alienation. Will be shown on 16mm film.

Originally Published: February 22nd, 2013