We love the brief manifesto of Derek Beaulieu's No Press, edited by Beaulieu himself:

The small press should not be graduated away from as an author becomes more established; it is a continuous space of experimentation, community and mentor-ship.

The No Press catalog of over 200 publications from 2005 to the present certainly keeps to this intent. We found titles from established writers and performers like Jaap Blonk alongside less-widely published writers like Jessica Smith. We are particularly excited about the distinctly international focus of No Press. Their latest round of chapbook publications features work from writers based in Sweden (Ola Ståhl), Myanmar (Nyein Way) and Russia (Marcin Lodyga and Vladimir Umanets):

“Exercizes (Louis-Ferdinand Céline)” by Ola Ståhl — a trio of typewriter-based visual translations of Céline; published in a limited edition of 60 copies (only 28 of which are for sale). Each copy if handsewn into hand-typed, found paper covers.

“Uncreative Manifesto (2005)” by Nyein Way — a manifesto of conceptual writing from Myanmar and the basis for Way’s investigation of the international potential of conceptual writing. Produced in a limited edition of 80 copies (of which only 38 are for sale).

“Manifesto of Yellowism” by Marcin Lodyga and Vladimir Umanets. The key document in the emergence of “Yellowism“, the internationally notorious “autonomous phenomenon in contemporary culture.” Produced in a limited edition of 80 copies (of which only 38 are for sale).

No Press titles are always limited-editions and typically sell out very quickly. You'll find information about how to order them (for a mere $6, including postage!) on the No Press website.