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Download Rob Halpern's Paper from Berkeley Conference of EcoPoetics, Thanks to the Disinhibitor

By Harriet Staff


Over the past few days The Disinhibitor, Michael Cross has been writing up the recent Conference on EcoPoetics at Berkeley, and today he's done us the favor of posting a full PDF of Rob Halpern's talk, which "was for real," as Cross writes. "I'm still reeling a bit from it, actually. Please spend the time on this one." "THE IDIOT STONE:GEORGE OPPEN’S GEOLOGICAL IMAGINATION" is downloadable here.

Other items of note here are two contributions from the "Ecopoetics of the City" panel—"what most folks referred to as the 'locals' panel over the course of the weekend." Included are the introductory remarks from panel organizers Lauren Levin, Michael Nicoloff, and Alli Warren, and with one of Cross's favorite contributions, "Woman as city; Woman in city; Babylon, Oakland, and Me" by Yosefa Raz.