It's that time of year again—check out the NYC Independent Publishers Book Party at ZieherSmith Gallery if you're in New York, and score lovely deals on books by new authors from Futurepoem, Belladonna, Litmus, Ugly Duckling, Pressed Wafer, Roof, Lunar Chandelier, Zieher-Smith, Talisman, and The Figures! More details below and at the Facebook event page.

11th-Annual NYC Independent Publishers Book Party
Thursday, May 9th
ZieherSmith Gallery
516 E. 20th Street, between 10th and 11th Aves, Chelsea Manhattan, NYC

Featuring great deals on books by
Frances Richard, Anarch.
Dana Ward, The Crisis of Infinite Worlds
Jon Leon, The Malady of the Century
Rachel Levitsky, The Story of My Accident is Ours

LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, Twerk
R. Erica Doyle, proxy
Kristin Prevallet, Everywhere Here and in Brooklyn
Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Fifteen Poems

The Figures
Kenneth Goldsmith, No. 111
Geoffrey Young & Daniel Heidkamp, Dumbstruck
James Siena, Restive Units
Steve DiBenedetto, Gnostic Hernia

Mary Burger, Then Go On
Danielle Collobert, Murder
Aufgabe 11

O Books
Danielle Collobert, It Then

Lunar Chandelier
Laurie Price, Radio at Night
Gerrit Lansing,Nativities Galore Broadside
John Godfrey, Tiny Gold Dress
Toni Simon, Earth After Earth

Pressed Wafer
George Scialabba, The Modern Predicament
Linda Norton, The Public Gardens
Mark Lamoureux, 29 Cheeseburgers & 39 Years
Richard Caddel, Uncertain Time

Brandon Brown, Flowering Mall
Nada Gordon, Vile Lilt
Michael Gottlieb, Dear All
Blake, Place, Higgs, ONE

John High, you are everything you are not
Christopher Sawyer-Laucanno, Mussoorie-Montague Miscellany
Tahsin Yucel, Skyscraper
Leonard Schwartz, If

Ugly Duckling
Joshua Edwards, Imperial Nostalgia
Kim Rosenfield, USO: I’ll Be Seeing You
Vsevolod Nekrasov, I Live I See: Selected Poems
Yevgeniy Fiks, Moscow

Books by: Jason Brinkerhoff
Allison Schulnik
Davi Det Hompson
Scott Zieher

Originally Published: May 9th, 2013