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Lanny Jordan Jackson & Peter Larkin Are Recording #1 for UnAmerican Activities

By Harriet Staff


Take off your harness winkers and get thee to Archive of the Now, where the first recording from the new U.S./UK simultaneous reading series, UnAmerican Activities, has just flown forth. Reading One, which took place on May 12 in New York and May 12 in Cambridge (Cubism rise!), featured Lanny Jordan Jackson on our side (at Lee Ann Brown's Page Poetry Parlor) and Peter Larkin across the pond (at Cambridge's Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio). It was, we can attest, mostly (only our attesting is mostly, not the quality of the reading, which was all, only that we were late), so good. About the series:

UnAmerican Activities is a poetry reading series held simultaneously in New York and Cambridge. The series connects audiences and readers on both sides of the Atlantic via live audio (and video) link. In the interval between readings, live video portals are opened in both venues so the audiences can converse. UnAmerican Activities is organized by Ian Heames, Luke McMullan and Sophie Seita.

And the recordings (in MP3 sound files), if you'd like:

Lanny Jordan Jackson

Introduction to Jackson's reading at UnAmerican Activities by Sophie Seita, 12 May 2013
Reading at UnAmerican Activities, New York City, 12 May 2013

Peter Larkin

Reading at UnAmerican Activities, Cambridge, May 2013

PS: Since he's also a necessary visual, check out Lanny Jordan Jackson performing a version of his piece, "Laughing Like the Head As It Imagined Itself Laughing," below.