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David Graeber Talks at Former Home of Laura Riding & Robert Graves

By Harriet Staff


Over at POETOPOGRAPHY, where "poetry walks, poetry talks, poetry readings etc." are duly marked, we have a photo of David Graeber (author of Debt) at the site where it is said enough drama occurred to potentially engine Robert Graves's The White Goddess--Laura Riding and Graves attempted a double suicide here in 1929. More:

This is a photo of David Graeber talking at the gates of 35 St Peters Square, Hammersmith. The address is famous for Robert Graves’ and Laura Riding’s double suicide attempt in 1929. Graves’ friends and family referred to this address as ‘the madhouse of Hammersmith’. I gave a talk explaining why I thought this house and the drama associated with it – the suffering – was the origin of Graves’ theory of the ‘White Goddess’. There were several guest contributors including anarchist David Graeber. It is very gratifying to me that a serious left-wing thinker is so attracted to Graves’ thinking. Isis is not normally welcome on the British Left.

We'd love to get a glimpse of that talk. POETOPOGRAPHY has captured other UK poetry artifacts, including photos of the church where Coleridge married Sara Fricker in 1795, Ezra Pound's Kensington garrett, where he lived from 1909-1914, and more.

Originally Published: July 11th, 2013