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José Kozer Wins Pablo Neruda Ibero-American Poetry Prize

By Harriet Staff

Jose Kozer

NBCLatino reports that José Kozer has won the Pablo Neruda Ibero-American Poetry Prize. From their website:

The prize ($60,000, a medal, and a diploma) will be presented to him by Chilean President Sebastián Piñera on Friday, July 12, which is the birthday of Nobel-prize winning poet Pablo Neruda, one of the world’s most acclaimed poets. Established in 2004 for the centennial of Neruda, the award honors a lifetime contribution to poetry. It has been received by Nicanor Parra, Juan Gelman, and Ernesto Cardenal, among others.

The jury said that Kozer’s “vast and distinctive work stands out for its innovation, passion and devotion to the craft,” and praised his multilayered poems as an expression of the intricacies of memory, family history, multiculturalism, and the transforming experience of exile. (Read a sample http://jacketmagazine.com/18/kozer-nogo.html )

“I’m happy but exhausted,” said Kozer in a telephone interview from his current home in Hallandale, Florida. “This morning alone I received 50 emails, and I answer every email I receive. l need to go back soon to my daily routine—reading and writing”.

For the past four decades he has written one poem a day, largely surpassing the 9,000. “Once I reach the 10,000 I’ll start writing one single poem that will end with my own end”.

Wow, we look forward to that poem! Head over here to read the rest of the piece, and be sure to go to Jacket to read some of his work.

Originally Published: July 12th, 2013