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Apply for Flying Object's ResidencyX or Perish

By Harriet Staff

Flying Object

Poets and artists, don't be dowf, manipulate your old things, but apply newly for the Flying Object ResidencyX; your brilliant ideas are being considered now (you have until November 15 for a Fall 2014 residency). It's an interesting one and long in the making--not only will you be granted time to write, but you'll engage the Hadley, MA, community with your own programming and can curate the "micro-library in Flying Object’s studio-lab space," around different themes (the Fall 2014 period will focus on the theme of identity, while the Spring 2015 period will focus on memory). More info:

Flying Object’s ResidencyX is a live-work residency program providing qualified individuals time, space, and resources to carry out an individualized, interactive project that engages with Flying Object’s community and space. Located in Hadley, Massachusetts, and centrally situated in New England’s Connecticut River Valley, this residency is open to emerging and mid-career poets, writers, visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, performance artists, and multimedia artists. Functioning as a place for readings, performances, screenings, art exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and informal gatherings, Flying Object is able to provide residents and audiences with opportunities to experience and participate in unique approaches to a wide range of creative fields.

ResidencyX will be divided into two periods, fall and spring. The respective periods will be defined by a theme– the Fall 2014 period will focus on the theme of identity, while the Spring 2015 period will focus on memory.

Each period will be accompanied by a micro-library in Flying Object’s studio-lab space, curated around each period’s respective theme. The micro-libraries will provide the residents with possible source texts, which will also be available to the public. In this way, we hope to foster a dialogue between Flying Object’s residents and audiences, as well as provide a bridging foundation for all the residents’ projects. Although applicants are expected to consider the theme, they should not feel discouraged from applying because their project ideas do not explicitly address it.

Upon their arrival, accepted residents will receive up to $1,500 that can be used for travel, project supplies, meals, and other expenses. Residency housing includes a fully-furnished private bedroom, bathroom, living and dining room, kitchen, and studio. Supplemental funds (up to an additional $1,500) may be requested in the application and must be explained in detail.

For project proposal guidelines and information, visit the Flying Object ResidencyX info page.

Originally Published: August 22nd, 2013