The Subud International Cultural Association (SICA) will once again launch Poems for Peace, a global campaign to celebrate International Peace Day, the 21st of September, with events held around the world, and they want your participation!

As their site reports:

Everyone can be a part of this! It’s not just us. SICA is also part of a huge global coalition of NGOs in support of Peace One Day, which is forecasting that over 600 million people will be aware of Peace Day this year. So when we say everyone can participate in this, we do mean everyone! So listen up.

We hereby officially invite all poets, poetry groups, poetry teachers, poetry lovers, singers, dancers, artists, actors, pipers, players — and frends — in all your communities and countries — to share poems you love on Peace Day. Your own poems or those of others.

Do this any time of the day, wherever you are. Recite, share, sing, dance, paint, write, film, photograph, bake, or plant your poems. Draw poems on the sidewalks with chalk. Do poetry post-its. Plant seed poems. Sing poems. And do it with love!

Go to their site to participate!