1913 Press, publisher of 1913 a journal of forms as well as books by Jane Lewty, Biswamit Dwibedy, Shin Yu Pai, Arielle Greenberg & Rachel Zucker is crowd-funding via Indiegogo for its 2013-2014 Season. 1913's 2013-2014 incoming season looks resplendent! Please consider sending your support to 1913 Press. Via its Indiegogo Campaign--

Our Current Fundraiser

In addition to private donations of all sizes and our two reading periods, founder/editrice Sandra Doller & vice-editor/designer Ben Doller keep 1913 Press running with personal funds from our university teaching jobs. We feel fortunate to be able to bring out exceptional cross-genre literary art works into the world.

Each year, we conduct a fundraiser via email, which has allowed us to publish the truly magnificent work in 1913 a journal of forms &1913 Press. This year, we are trying all sorts of new things. In addition to a web journal and more web content, we are crowdfunding for supporters to specifically fund our 2013-2014 season, which promises to be the most prolific and exciting yet.

Our goal of $25,000 will go directly to pay for printing costs for our always-beautiful, well-designed books by some of today’s most thrilling verbal artists. Those familiar with publishing know that it costs on average $3,000-$5,000 to print an economical run of 750-1000 copies of one book. This year, we are also publishing 2 full-color artists books by the incredible Mendi+Keith Obadike, 1 of which includes an audio CD.

Our perks for donors include everlasting gratitude, honorary status of “low modernist,” as well as some fantastic 1913 Press items from buttons to books.

If we do not reach our goal of $25,000, all funds donated will contribute to the printing costs for the first 3 books of our season: Monica Mody’s Kala Pani and Mendi+Keith Obadike’s Four Electric Ghosts and Big House/Disclosure.

If we reach our funding goal, we will be able to publish sooner rather than later this season’s remaining books by Brad Flis, Scott McFarland, Brenda Iijima, Sarah Riggs, Amaranth Borsuk & Kate Durbin, and the CA Conrad chapbook. We will also be able to publish a small print run of 1913 a journal of forms Issue 6, in addition to the web version.

Join the 1913 Famille

We are honored to put these works into print, and we hope you share our excitement. Our community of writers, artists, performers, editors, readers is an inclusive and friendly one. Please join us!

Even if you are unable to help financially, we hope you can help us spread the word about this campaign to fund these wonderful books...

Thanks for your support,

Sandra & Ben & 1913

To learn more, visit 1913's Indiegogo Campaign.

Originally Published: October 23rd, 2013