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Screams from Beyond the Grave

By Harriet Staff


From reports in Hungary and Poets and Writers, we've learned that right-wing extremists in Hungary have destroyed this sculpture of the poet Radnóti Miklós and are burning his books. Miklós, who died in the Holocaust, was the subject of the 1989 film, Forced March . Bear with us on this translation to English, the original source is Kapsolat.

Who do you like? Those who are not right-wing. So, come on - Friday is the news that Radnóti volume burned yesterday had a statue of someone knocked. Of course, and probably by accident.

That's how campaigns are no coincidences. Simply no. Friday's news of könyvégetésről, followed by the Hungarian National Front, I will not analyze, they do have others in my place, in a nutshell it just means the volume can not be accidentally right now was the stake. As photography is not accidental: the earlier book burning have not focused on this. Rather, the tabloid publications or Marx. For some reason just now found it important to be sharp, clear image appears on the burning verseskötetről, which clearly read the author, the title. I would not be surprised if it experienced photographer and work settings have been made. It was a challenge, it also roared all who remained vocal cords, cut on the table, his left fist. The faceless chuckling derisively at far right in the bush. He will not get out of cover, and not much stronger. What you poke around in the fog.

But it was not enough. Apparently, they want to convince the people subconsciously - especially the masses of voters, but the depression may be part of an opposition-leaning - they can do it all, no one can do anything against it. Radnóti toppled statue of Abda.

Read on at Kapsolat.

Originally Published: November 19th, 2013