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Six Gallery Poets Featured in Photo Exhibition

By Harriet Staff

Nobody Goes Home Sad

We just found out about this magnificent photo exhibition currently up at Utah State University's Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art: Nobody Goes Home Sad: Photographs of the Six Gallery Poets 1956-2000. Walter Lehrman photographed his friends at a poetry reading in Berkeley shortly after they made waves in San Francisco with a reading at the Six Gallery. His friends were none other than Allen Ginsberg, Michael McClure, Gary Snyder, and Philip Whalen (Philip Lamantia was not present for the recreation of the original reading). Jack Kerouac and Kenneth Rexroth are also featured in the exhibition. The negatives sat in Lehrman's attic until the 1990s. Since 2009 writer and photographer John Suiter has been digitally restoring the photos. This exhibition includes 12 never before seen photos from this 1956 reading, along with Suiter's own photographs of the poets later in life. If you're in Utah, be sure to check this out!