In the spirit of the times, here is my attempt to be "contemporary." However, even after any number of times employing Google Translate, ethnic politics kept emerging and the lyrical "I" was stubborn and refused to be uncreated. In fact, "I" felt judged.

This “manifesto” was generated by the throwing of 2, 4, 10 and 15 six-sided dice. The dice and their consequent sum determined the placement of collaged text, page number, and line/sentence number of text extracted and whether the collaged text was a phrase or complete line. The phrases derived from

Miley Cyrus uncreating in "Wrecking Ball. Miley Cyrus uncreating in "Wrecking Ball.

Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” were cut and placed in a bag and drawn randomly. Their placement was determined by gravity. After, the entire text was run through Google Translate: English to German, German to Greek, Greek to Latin, Latin to Spanish, Spanish to English.

Source Texts:

Vanessa Place and Robert Fritterman’s Notes on Conceptualism
Gloria Anzaldua’s La Frontera/Borderlands
Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.”


Notes on Chic@Nceptualism

1. Chic@Nceptual is written, the allegorical, miscegenation—in my body, the light becomes thicker as a daily delicate—the abominable branch options.

1.a. Much of the essence of love, too, is my gut, which was in the figure extended, which is parallel to the thoughts and feelings of the person; we are absent from the bridge, the wall is broken, and even consciousness. There is one thing for civilian use: they worship easily with a virgin, at the resort's latest title, lease, in cooperation with the countries of the deduction of the U.S. to perform the act for me ...... so to act, the reader body (although the fashion face is for the Greeks). Let's see what mischief is for me.

In the similar style of writing (and I have and by reason of the appropriative), and many countries between the prayers of the micro-and macro environment of verses, in the midst of the pain of the tongue, on the use of a long entrance of the pure. It is very important that he focus on the sum of the moves. But this belongs to the art of the development of the manufacture of arms to take care of your patio or the thousands of my sleep departed from his eyes, and in the twinkling of an eye: the night, a serpent, they always show the. I fear you.

2.a. Chic@Nceptual is written in the center of the article, says write and even more damage due to disruptions to the lady beside the sea (which is not possible, not even a text) and understanding is not figurative, as it is written in the manner of the customs of Tüßling. Spoken in vain, confidence and pleasure is subjective to constant and predicate nepantilism, object of the mind, i.e., between the love of ways to ask why the name Azteca (i.e. '@').


7a. Where there is no elegant Spirit Toad: write Chic@Nceptual, that treason, as has been said, no one can deny that love goes into depth. It must be said that, just as the sex of the grandmother was when Venus was known, in this solution: the race of the flame is in the autumn. We should note that, as equality. The proof of which is to the respect of the office of the perfect by any of the sea that our men are a war to start. And social is in the blood in the dry, the moon, the king of France, and the sight was almost experiencing love, which he thinks is better.

Chic@Nceptual, written, can be used to open and close. Chic@Nceptual writing is a question of equivalence. @'s Idea of Chic: ignore it, forget, and, if not possible, murder: to set fire to things which are the basis of his by means of the reading mode.

Open: Chic@Nceptual letters almost shook hands and the rain is over, and nettles, and my face. If it had been furnished and prepared: there are multiple readings in my life, but not more than one meaning or in the life of the calls. This breeds unity, we may need to express the feeling of the fifth and final resting place, something to ask why they never close.


Proposal: focus on the nature of the message over aesthetics, reducing the part of me that had the ground for what I am. As I went to the art of apology. The most difficult task, which is a being, return to their cultural roots, and I was completely immersed in existing only as art. The most moral Subject’s processed data depends entirely on the parent side and on the closing: hide, keep yourself in hand, instead of letting the communication capabilities as objects floating in the middle of this transaction.

12.b. Note: even out of all the fear of the supernatural, a bad man (a word to the wound—an important) makes mestizos of them, the old (there are two supreme goods) seal them, and for me, that wishes pray against the fence—taken, many scattered. This page is the word/wound (clean elegant Chic@Nceptualism). Chic@Nceptualism: unclean thing, and elegant baroque if it is open, and the collapse of the word/trauma to the first me. Then life: not one reaction with my body, in silence, for the second time, on the run, screaming.


The empire of conceptual controls any woman from Scripture in the narrative of the white, la Frontera within the face, or years to read to break your walls. Sealed, conceptual writing controls financing: the mandible is bare, however, indicating death. Public (internal) must be my ruin.

For the understanding of IS and FEEL—these people with a sense is allegorical. Pure, Mexican flowers rejoice with flowers in hand, pure, our humanity in the field of sentimentality, ashes on the ground.

Originally Published: April 17th, 2014

J. Michael Martinez was born in Greeley, Colorado. He earned his BA from the University of Northern Colorado and his MFA from George Mason University. His first collection of poetry, Heredities (2010), received a Walt Whitman Award from the Academy of American Poets. Judge Juan Felipe Herrera chose the book...