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Fifty Years of Buffalo Poetics Readings Now Digitized!

By Harriet Staff


How's that for back to the future? PENNSOUND announces that it has archived fifty years of poetry readings sponsored by the SUNY-Buffalo Poetics Program: from 1963-2003. FIFTY YEARS. Take your pick of so, so many highlights. There's George Oppen reading "Of Being Numerous" in 1966 and again in 1967, Stan Brakhage's Walking the Dog seminar, Robert Duncan in 1982, Susan Howe on Emily Dickinson in 1990, Leslie Scalapino in 1991, Norma Cole in 1992, and Barbara Guest in 1992.

By way of introduction, Charles Bernstein writes:

We've been working on this page for a decade, but now near complete -- 150 readings and events at Buffalo, from 1963 to 2003.

Most of the readings here are connected to two series: "Walking the Dog" programs coordinated and recorded by Robert Creeley until 1990; "Wednesdays@4 Plus" programs (1990-2003) coordinated and recorded by Charles Bernstein (working with Susan Howe, Raymond Federman, Dennis Tedlock, and Creeley). While the Poetics Program as such didn't begin unitl Fall 1991, we include on this page 50 years of readings in Buffalo, associated with the State Univrsity of New York's English Department.

Awesome! Tune in!

Originally Published: August 28th, 2014