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See You All Weekend @The New York Art Book Fair 14

By Harriet Staff


The New York Art Book Fair is way back. Sponsored by Printed Matter and MoMA/PS1, the ninth-annual, labyrinthian event brings over 350 contemporary art publishers and booksellers from all over the globe to lay out their wares--from rare ephemera and out-of-print books to high-end monographs to records, posters, artist books, periodicals, catalogs, and zines--for the 27,000 people (last year's count) that wander through and attend the zillion signings, readings, workshops, performances and presentations (much of which is organized by MoMA librarian David Senior as part of The Classroom). Ready?!

Special: The concurrent conference. "The Contemporary Artists’ Book Conference (CABC), now in its seventh year, features two full days on emerging practices and issues within art-book culture." Also/Oslo the exhibitions from Jonathan Horowitz, Sara Cwynar and Dorothy Iannone (a print by the latter at top) as well as NORWAY FOCUS: KUNSTNERBØKER, a curated selection of 23 Norwegian booksellers, institutions, artists and independent publishers; and the museum lobby/1st floor hosts the ARTBOOK @ MoMA/PS1 Magazine Store.

We'll be visiting the tables of poetry presses like Futurepoem, The Song Cave, and Ugly Duckling Presse--also, Badlands Unlimited, known for their recent Marcel Duchamp interview book and Yvonne Rainer's Poems, will spotlight their new title, performance and art critic Claudia La Rocco's The Best Most Useless Dress (introduction from poet Elizabeth Robinson), which we've been abstractly drooling over and are excited to see IRL (signing is at 12:00 PM Sunday in M03).

T Magazine's Fiona Duncan also listed Badlands in her top nine publishers to look out for, in addition to New York's Sequence Press (shop François Laruelle, Reza Negarestani, and R.H. Quaytman) and Toronto's Art Metropole.

More publishers to keep eyes on: LA-based Ooga Booga, Canada's Fillip and C Magazine; and Italy's Mousse Publishing, which shares an author/artist--Elad Lassry--with our pals James Hoff and Miriam Katzeff at Primary Information. In Katzeff's yesterday interview with BOMB Daily, she talks about their publication of the first ten issues of the Norway-based magazine ALBUM as a book, which they'll launch tomorrow. (The George Kuchar Reader is also just out!)

Of course, performances: Last night, Cory Arcangel opened the fair with an installation and Arcangel Surfware monograph launch, and Tony Torn performed with Jeanine Oleson (!); tonight brings staircase musical performances from the likes of Tristan Shepherd and prog-horror-electronic band Long Distance Poison, programmed by Printed Matter, Showpaper, and Know-Wave Radio.

As for events still to come: walk over to these!

Tonight, Friday, 9/26, 6:00-7:00 PM: Dorothy Iannone: You Who Read Me With Passion Now Must Forever Be My Friends with Trinie Dalton and Lisa Pearson...

The often-censored, self-taught octogenarian American artist Dorothy Iannone has been making exuberantly sexual, taboo-shattering and joyfully transgressive image+text works for over five decades, often drawing on autobiography and incorporating lovers and friends into her hybrid narratives. Siglio publisher Pearson will talk with critic and writer Trinie Dalton about Iannone’s provocative and pioneering work—now collected in the new publication as well as featured in an exhibition of her artist’s books in the Dome at PS1 during this year’s New York Art Book Fair. Presented by Printed Matter and Siglio Press.

On Saturday, a book launch and reading from Yes, But Is It Edible? a scored biography of American composer Robert Ashley, for two or more voices, with Will Holder and Alex Waterman.

Sunday at noon: Artist Mark Bloch and (beloved!) Siglio Press writer/editor Elizabeth Zuba will discuss Not Nothing: Selected Writings by Ray Johnson, 1954-1994.

BOMB and The White Review (here from the UK) present New York-based experimental filmmakers Jem Cohen and Sadie Benning in conversation, with Andrew Lampert moderating; and Triple Canopy will talk Web-based publishing with East of Borneo and WdW.

In the evening, Printed Matter will release the first of six books to be published as part of their Emerging Artists Publication Series, Max Stolkin's Versions (uh yeah, we'll be at that, disc[cough]claimer).

A full list of events is here. Full list of exhibitors is here. Be there or be | |.

Originally Published: September 26th, 2014