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Wendy Xu with 'The News' on PoetryNow

By Michael Slosek


Today on PoetryNow "The News" stays news with a new poem by Wendy Xu. In a sort of "I do this, I do that" poem, Xu takes us through her neighborhood in Brooklyn. The poem begins:

Tossing off expletives into the sea
of cab lights, I lounge ever more
than I work. I wear my silk pants
to the middle-of-America themed bar
as if white-collar were this Halloween's
hottest new costume. It sinks
like a stone, this attention to the lives
of others. I think I have evolved to respect
my social obligations, only complaining
to the cell phone's warm
illicit glow...

Listen to the full episode below.

Originally Published: June 16th, 2015