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Listen In: Steve McLaughlin Talks to the Amazing Angela Genusa

By Harriet Staff


Stephen McLaughlin had the wise idea to talk to poet, artist, and all-around genius Angela Genusa for his Jacket2 podcast, Into the Field; and now we are the fortunate listeners. "It seemed like you appeared from nowhere. I had never heard of you, and suddenly, this person with this full body of totally relevant and amazing work just appeared on the scene," says McLaughlin. These two talk about humor in Conceptual writing and art, meeting Gordon Faylor and publishing with Gauss PDF and Troll Thread, how Genusa has used spam and coding in her work most successfully, feeling geographically distant from most poets, Keston Sutherland's article "Junk Subjectivity," and much more. She also performs her own work--a rare treat!

More about Genusa:

Angela Genusa is a writer and artist, formerly of Austin, Texas and now living in Louisiana. Her recent conceptual works include Simone’s Embassy (Eclipse Editions, 2015), Spam Bibliography (Troll Thread, 2013), Tender Buttons (Gauss PDF, 2013), and Jane Doe (Gauss PDF, 2013). Angela’s writing has also appeared in Abraham Lincoln, Jacket2, The Claudius App, EOAGH, P-Queue, McSweeney’s, the Post-Digital Publishing Archive, and Library of the Printed Web. She is currently a member of the collaborative writing group Collective Task, and you can find more of her work on her personal website.

Listen to the show!


Originally Published: February 19th, 2016