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Marina Abramović Hearts Zbigniew Herbert, Demi Moore Reads Tennyson, and More Celebrities on Their Favorite Poetry

By Harriet Staff


In the new issue of O Magazine, 24 celebs and writers discuss their favorite poetry! Included in the feature are Demi Moore, who adores Alfred Tennyson’s “Flower in the Crannied Wall;” Bono (Seamus Heaney); Oprah herself (Maya Angelou); and Marina Abramović, who surprises us with this one:

Zbigniew Herbert’s “Study of the Object” puts me in a state of parallel reality that is more profound than my own, and that truly lifts my spirits: “now you have / empty space / more beautiful than the object / more beautiful than the place it leaves / it is the pre-world / a white paradise / of all possibilities….”

Find Zbigniew Herbert’s “Study of the Object” here. And read them all at O Magazine!

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Posted in Poetry News on Monday, March 21st, 2016 by Harriet Staff.