Poetry News

Say Bye to Reason and Hi to Everything...

By Harriet Staff


Poetry news of the capricious kind: Capricious Publishing (Capricious is a magazine and art book publisher based in New York) announces its premiere series of longform chapbooks, selected and edited by Andrew Durbin and called Say Bye to Reason and Hi to Everything. Authored by Dodie Bellamy, Cecilia Corrigan, Amy De'Ath, Lynne Tillman, and Jackie Wang, the collections's title comes from a Nayland Blake drawing that serves as the cover of the box (pictured above). That's right, they're packaged as a box set and each book has a unique cover (an example below), also by Blake. Content ranges from poetry to art criticism, memoir to fiction, as you can imagine, and possibly as you can't.

You can find purchasing details and more info at Capricious (we just wanted to say capricious again). A launch for the books is happening May 9 at The Kitchen in New York (FREE).

Below, a glimpse of the mere surface of Amy De'Ath's On My Love for Gender Abolition.