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Cecilia Corrigan's Misconceptions About Hillary Clinton Dramatized in New Video Series

By Harriet Staff


Poet, writer, and performance artist Cecilia Corrigan brings a fun one to BOMB. Starting this past weekend is the first installment of Motherland, Corrigan's new video project, to be released in a serialized format by BOMB over the next few weeks, "in a shadow narrative of the upcoming election." "Then, after the results are in, we will film the epilogue to this tale of one ambitious mom and her Weimar millennials," writes Corrigan. More:

The narrative and characters developed here will exist IRL as well as on your laptop screen: Motherland will have a live production on December 3, 2016, in a world premiere at ISSUE Project Room. While that show will happen in the very same space as these videos, with the same characters, the story will be different and so will the world!

The other night I was describing this video to my friend Rich, a journalist, at a dinner party and I said, enthusiastically, “Think about it, how many times do you think Hillary has sat in a messy office thinking, 'Fuck, man' while drinking beer and listening to Drake?" And he responded, "I think you may have some pretty large misconceptions about Hillary Clinton."

Corrigan is currently an Artist-in -Residence at ISSUE Project Room. Watch the beginning of Motherland below, courtesy of BOMB.