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Elementary School Student Interviews Lawrence Ferlinghetti

By Harriet Staff

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

We don't want to miss this one--Lawrence Ferlinghetti was interviewed by an elementary school student late last month--so here you go. Originally published by The New Yick Times, the newspaper edited by elementary school students at San Francisco’s Yick Wo Elementary School, this gem has been reprinted by the City Lights blog. "What is your most beautiful memory and the saddest one?" Says Ferlinghetti: "My favorite memory is my years in Paris as a student. My saddest is the 2016 Presidential election." To continue:

NYT: How did you survive in World War II?

LF: I was lucky, I had a guardian angel watching over me, because I was in the Normandy invasion there were bombs dropping all around me and nothing hit me. So I think it was a guardian angel watching over me.

NYT: What is the secret of life?

LF: Tenderness, live with tenderness.

Read it all at City Lights.

Originally Published: March 15th, 2017