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Daniel Handler Crowns Three Poets Per Diem Winners

By Harriet Staff
Daniel Handler

You may recall the recent poetry contest held by Daniel Handler, who, with his Per Diem Press endeavor, would hand over $1,000 and publish an eight-page chapbook of poetry to whomever he so chose. Well, the results are in! The winners are "a trio of poets of varying perspectives and strategies but also all glorious to behold," as Handler says. Elizabeth Clark Wessel's first one thing, and then the other; Rohan Chhetri's Jurassic Desire; and Arisa White's “Fish Walking” and other bedtime stories for my wife will all be published soon by Per Diem. More from LitHub:

Per Diem Press received more than 1,200 submissions, from locations familiar and startling, near and far and, in one case, fictional. The call for submissions encouraged poets of every stripe to apply, and accordingly the spectrum of poets was boggling: poets of nearly every conceivable age and cultural background and professional status are producing poetry in hitherto unimaginable spans of form, tone and content, including, um, dramatic redefinitions of the phrases “eightish pages” and “in English.”  (Binary code, anyone?) I read them all and am forever grateful to be reminded and educated on such a wide spectrum, if a narrow stripe, of the poetical imagination of the species.

It was impossible to choose a winner, so I didn’t.

(He chose three.) Congrats to all!

Originally Published: July 19th, 2017