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New Triple Canopy Issue, 'Risk Pool,' Features Work by Prageeta Sharma & Much Else

By Harriet Staff
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"Risk Pool," a new issue of Triple Canopy guest-edited by Corrine Fitzpatrick, asks questions around the effects and shapes of defining wellness and sickness. "How do various conceptions of malaise and deficiency mark us—as useful or useless laborers; consumers of essential oils, medical procedures, and pharmaceuticals; narrators of our own lives and the systems in which they are enmeshed; providers and recipients of care; political actors and community members?" ask Fitzpatrick and TC editors Molly Kleiman and Lara Mimosa Montes.

As with every issue of Triple Canopy, the content is ongoing. Currently up are "A Disaster of Insufficiency, by Prageeta Sharma with Ragna Bley," and Letter to a Young Doctor, by Johanna Hedva. From the former:

I am located further inside of this neural obstacle. It is mentally heavy. I organize the memorial service at which your favorite European meal coats the broad corners of the table with crusts and crumbles and rich spreads, olives and such. There are bounty loaves, beveled-shape cheeses, beef tartare and a filial atonality in the weeping around me. In the speeches. In the stories. So many of our friends, and our colleagues also attend. Museum room alight. One hundred sighs, over and over again. You love it from afar, I think. All occurring within. Family of yours attended. I think with foggy distance of pain: we are a relation through marriage and yet you are the one person of me. We possessed each other, not churched or blocked or fluffed. We were one another: and now, not. Today I believe somehow, with you dead and me alive, that we evaded church and still received its blessings. I am forming a mental image of numbers and the formal space of time.

Find this work in its intended, horizontal form at Triple Canopy.



Originally Published: January 19th, 2018