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New Series at LitHub Features Poetry of Indigenous Women

By Harriet Staff

At LitHub, poet Natalie Diaz introduces a new, bi-monthly series featuring the poetry of indigenous women, meant to be like a Mojave song-map, "to offer myriad ways of 'poetic' and linguistic experience—a journey through or across memory, or imagination, across pain or joy or the impossibility of each, across our bodies of land and water and flesh and ink—an ever-shifting, ever-returning, ever-realizing map of movement, of discovery, of possibility, of risk—of indigenous and native poetry."

For this first installment, Diaz shares the work of Laura Da’, Kimberly Blaeser, Heid E. Erdrich, and Kat Page.

An excerpt from Erdrich befits this day of Valentine: "Beloved, I might avert my gaze, let it stray only to your hands and then up to your throat. It is only in holding your eyes away from mine that I can stay sovereign in my love. It is only for you. Not from you. It is more than state or nation. This love is itself unto itself. The only name it needs it speaks within me...."

Read on at LitHub.

Originally Published: February 14th, 2018