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The Cut Presents Sophia Le Fraga

By Harriet Staff
Sophia Le Fraga

If Rupi Kaur's poetry is not for you, Sarah Spellings and Diana Tsui of The Cut recommend the writings of poet and digital media whiz, Sophia Le Fraga. As Spellings and Tsui explain, Le Fraga's "been publishing books of poetry for the digital age since 2012. [...] They’re perfect for discerning poetry lovers who are also very ~online~." Let's check out their "lightning-round" Q&A with Le Fraga: 

If you could be a magazine, what magazine would you be? 
Vice Versa, which is this lesbian magazine from 1947 or 1948 that only went on for one year but was really cool.

If you could speak to animals, which animals would you want to talk to? 
My dog, Klaus. He always seems very worried and I’d just tell him to chill out.

Sneakers or slippers? 

What was the last website you looked at? 
I was probably, like, googling how to get a writing job in L.A.

If you could be outfitted by one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be? 
Oh my god, Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski. She’s worked for Hermès and Céline.

What time is your alarm set for in the morning? 
Like 7:45 when I’m feeling ambitious.

What do you eat for breakfast? 
Lately, yogurt and granola. Always matcha though. I’m a matcha fanatic.

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Originally Published: April 9th, 2018