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National Poetry Month 2018 Recap

By Harriet Staff
Illustration for the Harriet Blog's National Poetry Month Blogathon.

If you were away for April and missed the rich, dynamic series of blog posts we published during National Poetry Month, here's your chance to catch up on what you missed. This year, our bloggers wrote on topics as varied and diverse as theories of genre and poetics, the career moves of poets (in and out of the academy), the transformative powers of poetry, poetry and protest, assemblage art, memories of heavy metal, thoughts on editing, and more. Please take a moment this week to browse the collection below. Enjoy!

Stacy Szymaszek, "A Good Job for a Poet"

Patricia Smith, "Still Life With Forehead"

Rodney Koeneke, "66 Signs of Noah: Purifoy's Forms"

Andrew Joron, "What Spills Spells"

Hoa Nguyen, "Tatters & the Selvage Edge: A Palimpsestic Consideration of H.D.'s Poetics"

Dawn Lundy Martin, "Genre & Genre Theory"

Amanda Ackerman, "The Protestor in Bed"

Robert Fernandez, "Zōēpoiesis: Four Theses"

Harmony Holiday, "The Beautiful One, Not Yet Born"

Matthew Yeager, "Time's Passage in the 'Longish' Narrative Poem"

Hai-Dang Phan, "Sleeping With Poetry"

Yanara Friedland, "Sancta Susanna"

Carmen Giménez Smith, "Make America Mongrel Again"

Philip Jenks, "Verses of Witness in an Apocalyptic Era"

Brandon Brown, "My Heavy Metal Years"

Jennifer Moxley, "The Shame of Being Schooled"

Duriel E. Harris, "The Light of Death"

Noel Black, "So You Want to Open a Small Press Bookstore/Artist-Run Space? A Cautionary Tale"

erica lewis, "The Power of Poetry"

Nick Twemlow, "Some Revisions on Editing"

Tyehimba Jess, "Flames of History/Rivers of Song"

Originally Published: May 1st, 2018