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Sam Riviere Selects Hamja Ahsan, Aurelia Guo, Nicky Melville, Sophie Robinson, as Year's Best in Poetry Show

By Harriet Staff

Much like we do here at the PF, The White Review staff has chosen their favorite books of the year. We're inclined toward the list of one poet Sam Riviere, who has selected some brand-new poetry books that you won't see in every list (ya gotta know what's up). Such as:

SHY RADICALS (Book Works) by Hamja Ahsan – a work of speculative activism that might actually change they way you think, also way more imaginative and actionable that any of that so-called theory that you read. Sick of extroverts controlling the agenda? Educate yourself about extrovert supremacy.

ABBODIES (Sad Press) by Nicky Melville – entertaining, timely and significant personal political poem about the author’s ‘weird’ Abba fixation, br*xit, bodies on the line, ‘Scottish jokes for Scottish folks’, aliens, Ghostbusters, buzzards, etc. Conveniently ignored by every poetry journal in England.

NYT (Gauss) by Aurelia Guo – a simultaneously ruthless and evasive text by an uncategorisable writer, this free PDF is intimate, impersonal, visionary and pitiless.

‘Loser sons of successful fathers / Drinking coca cola from a plastic bottle in the grey sand in a black thong’

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Originally Published: December 19th, 2018