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Ben Tripp Reviews Lonely Christopher's Resignation

By Harriet Staff
Lonely Christopher, The Resignation, cover

Visit Hyperallergic and read Ben Tripp's assessment of Lonely Christopher's latest publication, The Resignation (Roof Books, 2018). Tripp explains that the "phrase 'the resignation' can mean different things — for instance, something politicians and others are often forced to do when they grow too old, corrupt, or villainous to productively carry out their jobs." On from there: 

Amid the flurry of recent male apologies in film and TV, politics, art, literature, and poetry, and as more toxic behavior by male public figures is exposed, Lonely Christopher has said he is interested in language as unaccountable and nutritionless, in his words, “speeches that mean next to nothing.” With his latest collection, The Resignation (Roof Books, 2018), the poet plays around in this hollowed-out form — empty vocabulary, bankrupt signs, theatrical platitudes — and transforms it through glitchy translations into something that posits “… deposition, giving up, letting go, being forced out, usurpation, ending it all, or stepping down, as existential questions to the hetero-patriarchy.” Christopher is also fiction writer and a filmmaker, but he considers himself a poet foremost, and, secondly, a Socialist. Even after garnering a responsive audience in these other genres, Christopher has turned back to poetry, following his instincts.

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Originally Published: February 12th, 2019