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Article for Students
By Robert Pinsky

Learning to make effective shapes and arrangements of energy, rather than particular required patterns.

Featured Poet: Lucille Clifton
    • author

      A prolific and widely respected poet, Lucille Clifton's work emphasizes endurance and strength through adversity, focusing particularly on African-American experience and family life. Awarding the prestigious Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize...

    • Interview
      By Lucille Clifton interviewed by Hilary Holladay (Hilary Holladay)

      A conversation about names, race, and the need for mirrors.

    • Poem Guide
      By Robin Ekiss

      Lucille Clifton celebrates self-discovery in “won’t you celebrate with me.”

    • Audio
      From Essential American PoetsApril 2011

      Archival recordings of poet Lucille Clifton, with an introduction to her life and work. Recorded 1973 and 1989 at the Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

    • Audio
      From Poetry Off the ShelfFebruary 2010

      Remembering Lilly Prize-winning poet Lucille Clifton on the occasion of her death.

    • Audio
      From Poem of the DayDecember 2012

      by Lucille Clifton

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