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Articles About Children's Poetry
By Jacqueline Woodson

Poetry takes many forms—including the form YOU give it.

Children's Poems
    • poem
      By Margarita Engle
      On an island of music
      in a city of drumbeats
      the drum dream girl
      of pounding tall conga drums
      tapping small bongó drums
      and boom boom booming
      with long, loud sticks
      on bit, round, silvery
      moon-bright timbales.
      But everyone
      on the island of music
      in the city of drumbeats
      believed that only...

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine The Bean Eaters

      By Gwendolyn Brooks
      They eat beans mostly, this old yellow pair.   
      Dinner is a casual affair.
      Plain chipware on a plain and creaking wood,   
      Tin flatware.

      Two who are Mostly Good.
      Two who have lived their day,
      But keep on putting on their clothes   
      And putting things away.

      And remembering ...

    • poem
      By Francisco X. Alarcón
      some say
      I'm now almost
      extinct in this park

      but the people
      who say this
      don't know

      that by smelling
      the orchids
      in the trees

      they're sensing
      the fragrance
      of my chops

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