Yoko Ono reads “Mother Earth”

July 2, 2018

Don Share: This is The Poetry Magazine Podcast for the week of July 2nd, 2018. I’m Don Share, editor of Poetry Magazine.


Christina Pugh: I’m Christina Pugh, consulting editor for the magazine.


Lindsay Garbutt: And I’m Lindsay Garbutt, associate editor for the magazine. On The Poetry Magazine Podcast, we listen to a poem or two in the current issue.


Yoko Ono: Mother Earth


The sky is high

We shit on earth

We look up the sky

The earth gives birth

To our future


Don Share: That’s Yoko Ono, who’s poem “Mother Earth” is in the Poetry Magazine for the July issue. We asked her if she would read the poem for the podcast, and this is recording she sent us. Let’s hear it again.


Yoko Ono: The sky is high

We shit on earth

We look up the sky

The earth gives birth

To our future


Don Share: You can read “Mother Earth” by Yoko Ono in the July/August issue of Poetry Magazine, or online at


Lindsay Garbutt: We’ll have another episode for you next week, or you can get all the July and August episodes all at once on the full length episode on Soundcloud.


Christina Pugh: Let us know what you thought of this program. Email us at, write a review in the iTunes store, and please link to the podcast on social media.


Don Share: The Poetry Magazine Podcast is recorded by Ed Herman and produced by Curtis Fox and Catherine Fenelosa.


Lindsay Garbutt: The theme music for this poem comes from the Claudia Quintet. I’m Lindsay Garbutt.


Christina Pugh: I’m Christina Pugh.


Don Share: And I’m Don Share. Thanks for listening.


In this brief podcast, we listen to Yoko Ono read “Mother Earth” from the July/August 2018 issue of Poetry.

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