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  4. Ka Waiapo Lani (Heavenly Showers) by Queen Lydia Kamakaeha Lili’uokalani
Ka Waiapo Lani (Heavenly Showers)

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As if the flow of the waters
From the triple streams of heavenly showers
So the sacred Ao of the eighth heavens
Whose flames have scorched the land.

      Should our hearts’ love be restored
      And our rights be ours once more
      Then will our sacred beloved shoals of Kane
      Be the firm foundation of the land.

The heavens expand and bestow
Her beauteous crownlets free
Its life to her people for offerings given
And from loyal hearts ascended prayers.

Cold words and looks reprove
Oh, turn not thus away
Give kindly greetings, words of love
And a heart which beats within.

Ao: spout
Source: She Wields a Pen: American Women Poets of the Nineteenth Century (University of Iowa Press, 1997)
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Ka Waiapo Lani (Heavenly Showers)

Related Poem Content Details

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