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  4. Delection Even by Jennifer Scappettone
Delection Even

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I dredge allegedly
to repair and upgrade the Port of Umm Qasr
I edge a legibly duty free
transrational contract drag
well I pledge alien
lesions will be doled
expensively (not on the cheap)
and not to um miss explosives
who shell
Bechtel by the—that is Shell it by the
shore Bechtel sells
unflaggingly to the drag of the dividend
rates of America I pluck allegiance from
an estimated 1.8 billion
and to the executive committee—
Chicago—the world’s fair—and to Columbus
Day in the park—I think it was the fourth of the
reprivate which it hands
to the drooling class—I mean the measuring
cache watch this base—I a semifree colonist in gall—
and to the elect by which it assesses,
and to the electric by which it stands, and erects, th—
rederegulated privates, bow, get down: how
much would be chucked if this versus
then forest of Arden
should burn in the name of the national hamlet—
if it be true that good wine needs no bush,
we’d choose once we got behind the curtain, we guessed,
if it’s there anymore except
in Geist . . . while one gush mail addles in accidental
against its—when walking Tokyo—wonderful
you caming to OOIOO show & I
Ill put you on the just list—
this against—flurry of
finger-pointing—forget it
and your phony numbers like in why two okeydoke
take it, one ration under planes—
Apaches, syllabled to us versus shame—
one galaxy under goods, world’s-without-end fair
under the indivisible party, beneath security, below
God’s belts to humanity, with
puberty and enduring as-is and no trial for troglodytes and dogs and
tax treats for by for
allegiance. The friction has its machine—as you choose it?

Jennifer Scappettone, “Delection Even” from From Dame Quickly. Copyright © 2009 by Jennifer Scappettone. Reprinted by permission of Litmus Press.
Source: From Dame Quickly (Litmus Press, 2009)
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Delection Even

Related Poem Content Details

  • An artist, translator, and teacher, Scappettone was born and raised in New York. The recipient of a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2005, she has lived in Italy, Virginia, Japan, California, and Chicago. Her collections of poetry are the chapbooks Err-Residence (2007), Beauty (Is the New Absurdity) (2007), and Thing Ode / Ode oggettuale (2008), translated into Italian with Marco Giovenale, as well as the book-length From Dame Quickly (2009) and Exit 43 (forthcoming, 2016).

    In her project “Neosuprematist Webtexts” (2008–2009), Scappettone combined filmed stills and fragments of text; selections of the work were included in a show curated by the visual poet Helen White at festivals in Brussels and Ghent. Collagelike practices infuse Scappettone’s From Dame Quickly, which poet Charles Bernstein described as “translation, collage, prose poem, lyric invention, periodic convolute, imploded syntax and discursive veers.”

    Scappettone’s poetry has appeared in the anthologies The Best American Poetry 2004, The City Visible:...

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