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Lost in Translation

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The kinship with those humans
who speak directly to me
is webbed to the ceiling.
An economy of satellites, a cosmos,
where revision we think
comes without the benefit
of our witness. A peculiar time
when stars with modest faces
sleep in enormity and mirror
death like a child’s infirmity that
despite socio-economics
is still an illness,
definitive as fading paint
grossing a distant
understanding from a stain
pooled from its center
resonant of some terrific
nucleus making sense
of its own words
with the strangest electricity.

Gabriel Gomez, "Lost in Translation" from The Outer Bands. Copyright © 2007 by Gabriel Gomez.  Reprinted by permission of Gabriel Gomez.
Source: The Outer Bands (University of Notre Dame Press, 2007)
Lost in Translation

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  • Poet, editor, playwright, and journalist Gabriel Gomez was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. He earned a BA at the College of Santa Fe and an MFA at St. Mary’s College of California.

    Gomez is the author of the poetry collection The Outer Bands (2007), which was chosen by Valerie Martinez as the 2006 winner of the Andres Montoya Poetry Prize. He has also been awarded a writing residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute.

    Gomez’s poetry is rooted in images of the body and landscape. His work explores the intersection of cultural, personal, and political heritage in forms that at once nod to traditional and experimental modes, and include everything from pastiche to found language. As Craig Santos Perez noted in a review of The Outer Bands for Latino Poetry Review, Gomez “inventively makes audible what is ultimately ‘inaudible for poetry,’ from the transformations of glaciers to the vows...

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