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Gone by Then

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Gone then risen
Milk dawn gone then risen
Our ephemeral fawning done
Gone sanguine then risen in spell
High with your wrist while nihil busy
Unburrowing dice teams from sand figurines
Risen to swirl steam scooping passing seemingly
A kindred-ided up and up, born of dormant corners
Forms filial then filled          Goes mourn and swoon
Love have and love loom                    Union and risen

Harmony Holiday, “Gone by Then” from Negro League Baseball. Copyright © 2011 by Harmony Holiday. Reprinted by permission of Harmony Holiday.
Source: Negro League Baseball (Fence Books, 2011)
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Gone by Then

Related Poem Content Details

  • Born in Waterloo, Iowa, poet and choreographer Harmony Holiday is the daughter of Northern Soul singer/songwriter Jimmy Holiday. Her father died when she was five, and she and her mother moved to Los Angeles. Holiday was educated at the University of California, Berkeley and at Columbia University. Her debut collection of poems, Negro League Baseball (2011), won the Fence Books Motherwell Prize. Go Find your Father/A Famous Blues, a “dos-a-dos” book featuring poetry, letters and essays, is due out from Ricochet Editions in late 2013. 
    Holiday’s work tests the limits of language and memory, pushing at the elasticity of both poems and prose. As a reviewer for Publishers Weekly noted of Negro League Baseball, “Chaotic and mesmerizing, with sex, violence, music, history and semantics moving at breakneck speed, Holiday's debut is a rare event: in prose poems and in isolated lines, her long unruly sentences take in a mother's funeral,...

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