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first garden


second garden

Bees go mad on late summer evenings, should
People stray from their jobs towards water


third garden

Who makes the rented red boat's
Oars turn

Who is the younger one always
Turning up

Who professes to be better because
He is just looking

Who says he is worse off as
He cannot look


fourth garden

The unicycle girl, thin
Like one with a sexual problem,
Goes through
The Schlosspark. This follows:
Father rolling his eyes


fifth garden

The man from Manchester
Has my breast in his hand

These are funny
They don't do anything do they

Being burnt by a fire I say


sixth garden

Similarly, if only
You grasped some
Titanic misery or a
Love like an old man's


seventh garden

Where were we

A ballroom competition goes on
A yellow satin bikini
A fuchsia floor-length are
Dancing; an audience is
Drinking, clapping 1 2 3 1 2 3

Lucy Ives, "Beastgardens" from Orange Roses. Copyright © 2013 by Lucy Ives.  Reprinted by permission of Ahsahta Press.
Source: Orange Roses (Ahsahta Press, 2013)
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Related Poem Content Details

  • Lucy Ives was born in New York City and earned her BA from Harvard College and her MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Her first collection, the book-length poem Anamnesis (2009), won the Slope Editions Book Prize. She is also the author of the “brief novel” Nineties (2013); a poetry and essay collection, Orange Roses (2013); and a collection of poetry and prose including a novella, The Worldkillers (2014). Ives won an Iowa Arts Fellowship, as well as a MacCracken Fellowship. She is the editor of Triple Canopy and lives in New York City, where she is completing a PhD in comparative literature at New York University. In February 2014, Ives was a featured writer for Harriet.

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