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Willis Barnstone

Poet Details

b. 1927

Willis Barnstone is a writer of comparative literature, biblical studies, and poetry, as well as a translator. He has spent extended periods in Mexico, Spain, France, England, Greece, and China. He began writing poetry when he was twenty years old; his first published poem appeared in the Anglo-French periodical Points. His first book of poems published in the United States was From This White Island, reflecting on his time on an island in Greece. One of Barnstone's closest friends and mentors was author Jorge Luis Borges. In an essay written for Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series, Barnstone confides, "I see poetry, fiction, and scholarship as Borges did. They are the work of a writer and move into each other, separated by typography."




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  • The New Testament (with a study and literary translation), Penguin-Putnam, 1999.
  • The Apocalypse, New Directions, 2000.

Translator of plays in verse, including: Calderon de la Barca, King Balshazzar's Feast, produced in St. Leo, FL, 1969; Lope de Vega, The Outrageous Saint, produced in Nova Scotia, 1971; and Pablo Neruda, Rage and Death of Joaquin Murieta, 1972.


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  • (And photographer) Borges at Eighty: Conversations, Indiana University Press, 1981.
  • The Other Bible: Jewish Pseudepigrapha, Christian Noncanonical Apocrypha, and Gnostic Scriptures, Harper, 1984.


  • With Borges on an Ordinary Evening in Buenos Aires: A Memoir, University of Illinois Press, 1993.
  • Sunday Morning in Fascist Spain: A European Memoir, 1948-1953, Southern Illinois University Press, 1994.

Also author of play, The Girl and the Poison Tree. Contributor of numerous translations to anthologies and books, including: The World's Love Poetry (Greek, Latin, Portuguese sections), edited by Michael R. Martin, Bantam, 1960; Anthology of Spanish Poetry, edited by Angel Flores, Anchor, 1961; Concise Encyclopaedia of Modern World Literature, edited by Geoffrey Grigson, Hawthorn, 1963; Nikos Kazantzakis, Spain (poetry sections), translated by Amy Mims, Simon & Schuster, 1963; Language of Love (short stories), edited by Michael R. Martin, Bantam, 1964; Genius of the Spanish Theater (plays), edited by Robert O'Brien, Mentor Books, 1965; Medieval Lyric Poetry, edited by W. T. H. Jackson, Bantam, 1966; Helen Hill Miller, Bridge to Asia, Scribners, 1967; Adventures in World Literature, edited by Applegate, Browne, and others, Harcourt, 1970; Poems of the Greek Anthology, edited by Peter Jay, Penguin, 1973; Audrey Popping, Dawn Wakes in the East, Harper, 1974; and For Neruda, for Chile, edited by Walter Lowenfels, Beacon Press, 1974. Original poems included in New Campus Writing, Number 3, Grove, 1959. Also contributor of original poems, verse translations, occasional prose translations, and articles to periodicals, including Antioch Review, Arizona Quarterly, Columbia University Forum, Evergreen Review, Kenyon Review, Nation, New Republic, New York Book Review, New Yorker, New York Times Sunday Book Review, Nine (London), Points (Paris), Prairie Schooner, Sewanee Review, Triad, Tulane Drama Review, and Yale Review. Editor-in-chief, Artes Hispanicas Hispanic Arts, published jointly by Indiana University and Macmillan.

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  • Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series, Volume 15, Gale (Detroit), 1992.

Willis Barnstone

Poet Details

b. 1927

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